foodlove + wanderlust + a pinch of cinnamon = zimtlust



as you might have suspected, here i'm sharing recipes or food inspiration. it's about being homeless and saving homeless (to-be-wasted/wasted) food, trying local ingredients, creating vegan food feastings in transit, in strangers kitchens. it's about some cooking, some bread making, some thoughts on food and basically everything i find interesting about food. this is a kind of experimental kitchen. most of the time, i just cook/improvise from scratch. one day, i might also report about a pop-up restaurant or some community dinners i will do. let's see, how simple and well i can feed myself, without spending too much money, in the sense of zero waste and minimalism. let's go crazy, let's see if i can leave some foodsteps on this planet, let's have some disasters and let's create braw proper food!

random thoughts

this area covers some general topics my life touches. i will write about different things every other week, such as traveling, diets, nutrition, weight issues, parents ... if you have any suggestions here, feel free to contact me.